Claflin University


More than 150 years ago, Claflin broke down barriers in higher education, making it the first South Carolina university open to all regardless of race. Claflin welcomes exemplary students of all races and genders who demonstrate a passion to change not only their own circumstances, but to change the world as well. Among the top ten HBCUs in the nation and with a strong focus on innovation, leadership and student success.

Claflin is synonymous with outstanding preparation for 21st century careers or advanced studies. At the same time, value is emphasized by keeping tuitions as affordable as possible and helping students unearth every option for financial aid. Claflin students leave with an unparalleled education that serves them well in graduate school, in a career – and in life.

"The World Needs Visionaries"

Location: Orangeburg, South Carolina

Established: 1869

President: Dr. Dwaun J. Warmack

Level: 4-year institution

Online Academic Offer: Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees.

Online Programs

Online Programs

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