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What makes FocusQuest most unique is our team of highly qualified professionals who have many years of experience in the online educational space.

FocusQuest brings to HBCUs and MSIs the following exclusive skill sets:

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The How.

FocusQuest provides an experienced Online Program Management Team that consists of digital marketing experts, web developers, data analysts, education technologists and student support specialists creating a seamless engagement process for students in any phase of the student lifecycle.

FocusQuest is also committed to the retention of each enrolled student. We do not simply bring students to the University’s doorstep; we engage them throughout the lifecycle of their educational journey by also offering discreet cultural experiences that are best summed up as the HBCU Experience. Each of those experiences are unique to the institution the student enrolls in.

The Why.

FocusQuest’s Missions:

  Innovating online education and advancing university growth.

  Preserving the HBCU Experience in Virtual Learning and Retention.

  Bringing digital educational excellence to the HBCUs and MSIs. 

  Strategic digital partners of the HBCU and MSI learning experience.

For Schools.

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