Student Success Coaching

FocusQuest is devoted to the success of our students. We understand that they will come to us at different stages in their academic journey. We are fully prepared to meet the needs of all students, both traditional (just completing high school) and non-traditional (some college, or returning to college).

To meet this need, FocusQuest pairs each student with a Student Success Coach. Our Success Coaches are certified academic coaches with training in Appreciative Advising. They are PASSIONATE ADVOCATES for students and are laser focused on helping them reach their academic goals.

Our multifaceted Student Success team will inventory course offerings at our different university partners, to assist students in making course choices based on their academic goals. Student Success Coaches will also assist students with developing and strengthening their academic and life skills and help them acquire new skills that will foster their success.

Student Success Coaches will walk with each student from entrance to completion, to support them all along the way. They serve as an information resource, a guide, and a safety net for those who may need it. Student Success Coaches will utilize various methods when working with each student, including success plans, assessments and learning style inventories.

During the student life cycle, there are various challenges that students face. Many are managing their academic life along with their work life, family life, and personal life, which has the potential to affect their academic performance. From academic preparedness to interrelated life issues, our Student Success Coaches are prepared to help students navigate those challenges throughout their academic journey.

Student Success Coaches serve as guides, academic coaches, career advisors, and cheerleaders. They are accessible through email, phone, text and video conferencing, and ready to help!

FocusQuest… Focused on Success and Focused on You.

“It is important that students stay positive and remain focused on their goal, recognizing that no matter what happens in their environment, they can still realize their dreams and succeed. Because the very things that try to stop you from succeeding, once you face them, are the very things from which success will be born.”

The Student Success Specialist team is led by Dr. Ndala Booker, our academic success champion. Herself a graduate of Tennessee State University, an HBCU, she brings 16 years of experience in academic success, 11 years in critical thinking and 32 years of teaching at different levels with 18 of those years being in higher education.

Dr. Booker has taught college success classes at five different universities, three of which are HBCUs. She served as the Director for the Center of Academic Success at Oakwood University where she successfully merged the importance of fostering critical thinking with academic success. Most recently, she served as the Director for the Center for Academic Achievement at AdventHealth University, where she has also taught First Year Experience classes and hosted over 100 academic coaching workshops.

Dr. Booker understands the challenges that students face and is passionate about ensuring that students have all the tools they need to reach success.

“Students struggling to make the grade may get frustrated; it is a challenge, but challenges are made to be met. That is why it is imperative that we reach students on a deeper level to create real change, which will not only increase our retention, but will make a lasting impression on each and every student that comes through FocusQuest’s virtual doors.”

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