Not All the Same: Although HBCU's are frequently lumped together, contrary to popular belief, all HBCU's are not the same.

Each HBCU has it’s own uniqueness; characteristics that distinguish the nstitution from all of the others. The diversity of mission, purpose and programs at HBCUs are emphasized in their brand and should be celebrated.

For example, Morehouse College retains a reputation for what is called the “Morehouse Mystique”. It is the perception that Morehouse men are held to a certain standard. It is perceived that they do not use profanity, don’t smoke, they dress in business casual attire and know how to tie a bow tie. There is an expectation that Morehouse men will be well spoken, articulate and comfortable in leadership roles. These characteristics speak to a distinguished difference that Morehouse offers as an HBCU institution, and the story that conveys the uniqueness of their mission. In case you were wondering, here are just a few of Morehouse’s illustrious graduates: