Making Equity a Priority


Dr. Keith Curry, President and CEO of Compton College, has spearheaded transformative initiatives to enhance equity and access to education.
Despite past accreditation challenges, under Curry’s leadership, Compton College has undergone significant revitalization, boasting over $118 million in renovations and securing funding for student success programs.

Addressing Student Needs

Curry’s focus extends beyond infrastructure to student welfare, particularly tackling food and housing insecurity. Initiatives like mobile food pantries and on-campus farmers’ markets underscore his commitment to student well-being.

Recognition as a Trailblazer

Curry’s dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed. Renowned educator Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab lauds Curry’s tireless advocacy and transformative leadership, citing his instrumental role in advancing equity in higher education.

Growing up in Compton, Curry’s personal journey fuels his passion for educational equity. From his grassroots outreach to his ascent to college leadership, Curry’s story exemplifies the transformative power of education.

Building for the Future

Looking ahead, Curry is focused on completing campus projects and expanding enrollment to provide more students with access to quality education and workforce opportunities.

Curry’s collaborative spirit extends to the community. Partnering with other education leaders, Curry envisions a future where equity and student success are the norm.


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